Indonesian Chronicles - Day 8, 20/8/2018 - Impressions, Facts & Stories

A and T are bickering at each other. They share the same room is our eco-resort villa. Since the ‘villa’ is just an open roof, we pretty much all share the same room, together with a vast collection of bugs and frogs, which all spring to life as soon as the sun sets. There is no escape, and the fighting gets on our nerves, striking this very unique parent’s pain point, reminiscent of brother and sister long forgotten quarrels. A. complains about T. having splashed water everywhere after showering. ‘It is outdoors and it is so hot it will dry in 10 minutes’. T. has a point. But the insults fly, in French which sounds worth than quarrelling in English for some reason. And they come from deep and far, distant stories, familiar triggers, a forgotten friendship, mistakes and little guilty moments. And, uniquely in a sister and brother journey, all is forgotten, blue sky after the rain. We go diving and A. and T. will be buddy again.