Jacopo and the Dragon

Inspired by St George and the Dragon, by Jacopo Tintoretto

I bolted towards the eerie array of colourless trees,

Leaning into the envenomed depths of the sea.

St George the Prince sat stiff, resolute

His bony fingers clasped around

the strands of moonlight floating from my mane.

A piercing shriek carried by the breeze-

Echoing, slithering into my perked ears

The young princess stood in horror,

her indigo eyes frozen

on the scaly golden-green wings of the dragon,

curled menacingly.

“Run, Jaco, run!” bellowed the Prince

I was a white streak drawing nearer,

to the damsel.

Her only solace was the veil of coral silk,

which eased her mind into gentle

waves of youth

The fiery glare of St George

Bore into my spirit.

A fading man lay sprawled on the

blood-stained earth

His hand outstretched

Towards the fleeing Princess

As I approached the growling dragon

I caught glimpse of a deception, a malign

Wavering in the princess’s eyes, fluttering in her smile

St George slid off my back, lurching forward

His sword skimming

The throat of the dragon

I flung my hooves, into the glazing

Mouth of the dragon

A moment of distraction

A hint of forgetfulness

And the fangs of the dragon

Sunk into my neck

My last, quivering breath…

And my conscience slid out of my mouth,

Overlapping with the clouds

A joy seeped into my pain

As I dwelled on the

long, pleasant life

St. George would have

with the Princess.

But the light withheld Truth, and

Truth pounded in my ears.

The princess, she was the most

poisonous one of them all.


And here I reside, a messenger of the Skies,

Transposing the hidden memories

Of a distant legend

Onto a crisp, unblemished canvas.


Jeanne Beyazian & Alice Bellan