Blu Apple's Insomnia

A doubletree
that snaps
Into 5
skin cities
frozen vintage
love hurts
so sit in the tea garden
and listen
to the language of the mute
Tender is the night
In lovesick never land
where I observe
the marriage of the minds
the touch of the suit criminal
43 seconds
and the world might be saved
so I say
Get out, at any time
of your dwarf jar
on a badly lit street corner
and remember
the Turk's head
the forsaken children
the crisp craft of Clara
invading reality
Meditation in the
Old Jameson Distillery
and outvasion
To think that love is art
and the acupuncture
of spaces
the pine house that
says keep away
and the bakery of impartiality
I was here.

Alice Bellan